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The women behind the re-launch of 52 Stafford Hotel
Four Crowns, Ltd.


The Best in the Business

At the heart of 52 Stafford Hotel, these strong women were inspired by their friendship to open their own business. They aim to support each other in their journey to continue on the O’Dwanny legacy established at 52 Stafford while keeping the rich history and traditions alive.

Samantha Gardiner, Chef Emily Williams, and Jessica Bumbard-Kinch of Four Crowns, Ltd.


Women Owned!

We did it! We walked through (the) 52 Stafford doors on October 5, 2022. The bar opened on October 26, 2022 with the restaurant opening December 1, 2022. All under two months! Thank you everyone that has helped us get this far!  ~ Jessica, Samantha, and Chef Emily

52 Stafford Owners

Jessica Bumbard-Kinch


President, Four Crowns, Ltd.

Jessica Bumbard-Kinch began her hospitality career at the age of 14 as a dishwasher in a southern lake cafe. Through the years she has gained knowledge in a multitude of service styles, holds a culinary degree and has extensive experience in all aspects of hotel management. 

Jessica’s philosophy is that true hospitality comes from the heart – It is embracing a stranger as a neighbor at first meeting – It is generous, kind, warm, and fulfilling.

Chef Emily Williams


Executive chef

Chef Emily Williams’ skills, training, leadership, and excellent palate (bring) a solid foundation to 52 Stafford’s food operations and event planning.

FOOD IS LOVE! As Rip O’Dwanny says “The purpose of life is to die of oneself and become a conduit of love.” Chef Emily encapsulates this with her love for food and commitment to quality.

Samantha Gardiner


Bar & Restaurant Manager

In 2016, Samantha Gardiner found a sense of community and belonging in the hospitality business. Her administrative skills gave her the edge to quickly move from a server to management position. She strives to ensure that all guests have a fantastic and memorable experience.

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