52 Stafford is hosting our 35th annual TubaChristmas! Come celebrate the wonderful time of year with amazing holiday songs and cheer! Music from 7-11pm.

8 things you must do @ TubaChristmas:
Book a room 50% off for $99.99
Get here early, we’ve heard it is going to be packed
Relax by a beautiful fireplace
Enjoy spirits with friends
Eat one of Chef Emily’s amazing dishes
Listen to the wonderful brass band that
has been playing for 35 years at 52.


From Wikipedia

TubaChristmas is a music concert held in cities worldwide that celebrates those who play, teach, and compose music for instruments in the tuba family, including the tuba, sousaphonebaritone, and euphonium, though some participants bring rarer members of the family such as the heliconophicleideserpent and double bell euphonium.

The first TubaChristmas was organized by Harvey G. Phillips to honor his tuba teacher William Bell, born on Christmas Day 1902. It was held December 22, 1974, in the ice skating rink at New York City’s Rockefeller CenterPaul Lavalle conducted.[1] Over 300 musicians played that day, beginning a holiday tradition. The arrangements of the Christmas carols were written by Alec Wilder, who coincidentally died on Christmas Eve 1980.